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Welcome to the EWI Affiliate Program!

Get Free Financial News and Reports for Your Website (plus generous commissions; no cost or contract required)

Thank you for your interest in the EWI Affiliate Program. You're in good company! The EWI Affiliate Program is nearly 500 members strong, and we're always looking for our next heavy-hitting affiliate. It could be you!

We offer one of the most attractive affiliate programs on the Internet by providing 1) valuable market-related content and 2) a generous commission structure: up to 50% for sales and $1 for leads.

If you meet the following criteria, chances are you're a perfect fit for this potentially lucrative affiliate program.

  • You manage a website or blog that discusses any of the world's investment markets, such as stocks, commodities, energy, interest rates, currencies, etc.
  • You manage a website or blog that attracts an inquisitive audience of investors and traders who want to learn more about unique investment and trading strategies.
  • You don't mind making up to 50% commission on the sale of EWI products and services plus $1 for each "Club EWI" email lead your website generates.

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Please note: You are welcome to use our affiliate content without joining our affiliate program, but you will not be eligible for commissions. Email us to request permission.

Free Content Benefits

The EWI Affiliate Program offers two types of content for your site:

  • Auto-updating content, using quick and easy JavaScript technology.
  • Static content, including news and opinion articles by our expert analysts and market commentators, promotional graphics and more.

Our various content offerings allow you to customize how you take advantage of EWI content, how you earn commissions and how big of a role our content plays on your website.

You'll find that the content available in the EWI Affiliate Program is of the highest caliber, fiercely independent and consistent with our company's long track record of providing unique educational tools and investment advice.

As an EWI affiliate, you can put EWI's staff of more than 50 writers, analysts, graphic designers and production experts to work for your website (all without incurring the massive costs of employing your own in-house creative team).

Much of this content is designed to help educate your audience about the powerful technical analysis methods our professional analysts employ every day. Other content aims to give investors a new way of looking at age-old (sometimes flawed) investment theories. One thing is for sure: You will not find this content from any other source.

Apply for the EWI Affiliate Program

Send questions and comments regarding our affiliate services to: affiliates@elliottwave.com.
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